Sunday, March 29, 2015

New England Airsoft Expo

This morning Kyle, John, and I (Rebecca) headed down to East Hampton,  CT for the New England Airsoft Expo. We were supposed to meet at 8:30 am, I arrived at 8:20am, to recieve a text from Kyle saying he slept through his alarm but was on his way now, and a call from Johnny asking if I had already stopped at Dunkins, because he was just leaving his house typical. I'm not a morning person either but really guys?  But it's expected by now, so it's only a problem if they are more than a half hour late. Lol
So anyways, we pulled into the expo and set up our table with the Nas-T guys. And then we had to drive the car up to where it is supposed to be parked....a mile and a half up the road...and when I say up I mean uphill, very uphill. The walk down was fine, but Kyle wasn't too big of a fan of walking up the hill to get the car afterwards while we packed up.
We forgot business cards but it was a great sunny,  not too cold day and we talked to a bunch of new people who are excited to come play at the new field as soon as it's all set! Sold out of smoke bombs so I'm sure the games were quite colorful.
Unfortunately we forgot to unload the car when we got back so I'm stuck driving around with a full car for a few days, not sure how that happened...I guess we were all just too tired.
Thank you to the Nas-T guys for setting up with us, and thanks to Jeff for taking great care of business at the shop for us. Hope to see everyone soon...although I hear more snow is coming this we'll see if we can ever unbury the field. Check out the photos for some of the fun we had!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Shop Progress

          Well all the hard work is finally starting to pay off. Opening day this past Sunday was a great success! Got to show the new place off to a lot of people as well as introduce some new merchandise and get opinions on it. Now we're excited to show the rest of you as soon as you can make your way down here!
          We've had lots of calls to book parties, so as soon as the snow melts enough we will be starting those up! is the first day of Spring today and we are once again getting more snow....ugh. Hopefully it will melt fast. Personally, I'm excited to have a nice indoor setup for field rentals and registration now. I think the guys are more excited to be able to boss me around ALL the time now :P There's no escaping...I might just go crazy but it will be a fun time!
         Can't wait for the warm weather but until then I guess we'll be hanging out indoors thinking of new ideas!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey there!

Oh snap! We're starting a blog! Check here for updates and fun stories about what goes on inside Allstarr Paintball & Airsoft. We'll have announcements about new activities and events, as well as how things are going with the teams, the field and the store. Also probably going to see some fun stories about trying to work together in the office between Johnny, Kyle and I (Rebecca).

We are currently in the process of moving, just moved out of our North Oxford location thanks to the help of some great friends! Looking forward to setting up in our new place in Webster this week, can't wait for everyone to come on down and check it out when we open!

Follow us on facebook, instagram (@allstarrpaintball), and twitter (@AllstarrPBall) to get the scoop all around!

PS: Feel free to leave suggestions or questions about what YOU want to know.