Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey there!

Oh snap! We're starting a blog! Check here for updates and fun stories about what goes on inside Allstarr Paintball & Airsoft. We'll have announcements about new activities and events, as well as how things are going with the teams, the field and the store. Also probably going to see some fun stories about trying to work together in the office between Johnny, Kyle and I (Rebecca).

We are currently in the process of moving, just moved out of our North Oxford location thanks to the help of some great friends! Looking forward to setting up in our new place in Webster this week, can't wait for everyone to come on down and check it out when we open!

Follow us on facebook, instagram (@allstarrpaintball), and twitter (@AllstarrPBall) to get the scoop all around!

PS: Feel free to leave suggestions or questions about what YOU want to know.